How to Kill White Mold In Basement

How to Kill White Mold In Basement

How to kill white mold? You could have a white mold problem throughout the house pretty much anywhere. You can have white mold in basement, white mold in the attic, in the carpet, and even white mold under house. Before you even try and kill white mold you need to find out what is causing the problem and solve that problem first.

Killing white mold depending on the size of the problem may not be as hard as you think is. If the job size is of less than 3 foot by 3 foot than I believe you can do the job yourself. If the job is larger you might want to call a professional to do the job right or two at least get free estimates. In some cases if you do the job yourself you might end up spending more buying equipment materials and safety gear then what the professional might of cost you.

The first thing you gonna need to to kill white mold is to find the source of moisture. If you do not solve this problem first your mold will return and you wouldn't just wasted your money not doing the job right the first time.

Now you will have to dry the area completely before you do your white mold removal. This can be done by letting it sit for several days or you bring in a dehumidifier.

Once the area is completely dry you're going to need some mold removal products, you will need safety gear, and you'll need equipment to make a containment area. A containment area might seem overkill but you don't want to take the chance of spreading the mold throughout the house.

I need a mix up your mold killing solutions there many solutions that can kill white mold. Depending on the location will help determine what solutions he will we use. If you're in a crawl space that is not well ventilated I would use that nontoxic solution white vinegar and water mixture. How to make Mold Cleaning Solutions.

Take your time to do the job right because if you do the job wrong you can make the white mold problem a lot worse. I hope this helps you learn how to kill white mold.