White Mold In Basement - Be Careful If You Do It Yourself

White Mold

The problem with dealing with mold is that when you try and clean it yourself you can inadvertently spread the mold throughout the house and make the problem a lot worse. White mold in basement can grow very fast and if it spreads you could end up with white mold on walls, white mold in attic, or
white mold on carpet.

If you decide to try and remove the mold in your house yourself then the first thing you should do is a mold test. Without doing a test you won't know if your dealing with a toxic mold or a mold that isn't dangerous. However it really isn't worth taking the chance so do a test and find out.

Next you will need to know how to identify the cause of getting the mold. If you are able to remove the white mold safely without spreading it. It will still come back unless you are able to find out what cause it to start growing in the first place and then you will have to fix that problem.

I knew this one guy that attempted to do it himself and for got to shut off his central air system while he was trying to clean the mold off his basement ceiling. Well this was the end result the mold spores where blown throughout his hole house and was in the carpet on the walls and his house had a very strong mildew smell.

If you have a problem that is bigger than a few small spots it might be a good idea and just get an estimate from a professional and play it safe.