How to Stop White Mold Growth in The Basement

How to Stop White Mold Growth in The Basement

To stop white mold growth in the basement you need to remove what it needs to grow. If the problem of what is causing the mold growth is not taken care of, then removing the mold and killing it off is pointless because it will return. Warning: If you do try and clean it and you do it wrong and you don't fix the cause then the problem can get
a lot worst and get out of control and the mold removal cost will grow.

What does mold need to be able to grow?

Mold needs some kind of organic material and moisture to grow. White mold can grow on almost anything that is organic like carpet, furniture, drywall, wood, etc... So, with your house being made of most of these things I highly doubt you will be tearing it down and starting over. So, the other option will be getting rid of the moisture that is causing the mold to be able to grow.

What are some possible water sources in the basement?
  • Washer and drier - You could have drain problems, or a slight drip around the water inlet hose. Make sure you also have the drier vent vented outside and is not plugged. This can cause high humidity and be a source of water.
  • Water pipes - If your cold water pipe in the basement is not insulated then it could gather condensation and drip like a cold glass of ice water.
  • HVAC systems - If your central air system is in the basement, then it is very common for the drain plug to clog up and then the condensation will over flow and cause white mold in the basement.
  • High humidity levels - Basements are cool damp places and it is very common for moisture for your furniture and any other wood to sweat and have white mold growth.
  • Leaky walls - A lot of homes have basements that leak and this can cause your white mold problems.
  • Basement Showers - It is very common that these

    showers not have a exhaust fan. If you don't then I recommend you have one installed and it need to vent outside. If you do have one then make sure its installed and vented outside. Sometimes contractors can be lazy and leave it hanging in an attic or crawl space.

If your basement is just a damp place and you don't have any later leaks. Then I suggest you get a dehumidifier to pull that moisture out of the room. That will help keep your basement dry.