White Mold in Crawl Space - White Mold Under House

White Mold in Crawl Space

White mold in crawl space or white mold under house are very common problems specially when you live in warm humid climates.

For white mold to grow under the house it needs a source of moisture.  White mall grow under the house on dirt, the floor
joists, concrete, water pipes, drain pipes, basically any place condensation or moisture can gather.

Before you at tackle a job of white mold in crawl space, you need to find the source of moisture and correct that problem first. If the moisture problem is not solved a mold will return and could get worse.

Tips to find moisture problem under your house:

Moisture under the house could be caused by your yard grade draining water towards the house causing it to seep under your foundation, up from below.

If you live in the humid environment during air conditioning season as colder sinks this can cause your crawl space to be cooler than the outside air and cause condensation on pipes, drains, concrete, and floor joist. White mold to grow on any of objects during this condition.

If you have a central air system under the house, you could have air leaks in your duct work causing colder to blow out and cool these objects causing condensation and a white mold problem in crawl space.

White mold removal in crawl space or under the house is really no different in removing mold in other places of the house. One thing you need to be concerned about before you tackle a job like this, is it you have proper ventilation. Some mold cleaning solutions are toxic so proper care needs to be taken. You should always wear your seat to face mask goggles protective clothing and gloves when attempting a job like this. If the job is larger than a three by three area then it might be worth it to call for professional to get quotes. It wouldn't hurt to ask if they offer free estimates on doing the white mold removal.

If you have a white mold under the house can cause health problems. Even though white mold is normally not toxic it still can cause severe sinus problems asthma attacks and a feeling of just being stopped up and miserable. So, white mold in the crawl space if found these to be dealt with.