White Fuzzy Mold in Basement

White fuzzy mold

White fuzzy mold or could it be something else?

White mold of the home can be a health problem and should be taken care of right away. The problem is when you see white fuzzy mold it actually might be something else
completely harmless and may not be mold all. If you believe you see white fuzzy mold in the cracks of concrete or on your concrete floor.

This could actually be mineral deposits left behind by water seeping through the cracks in your foundation or seeping through the concrete is self. These mineral deposits can be anything from salt, calcium, to live deposits and more. If you believe you have white mold on your concrete floors or concrete walls there's a simple test that you can perform.

How do you test the white powdery mold to see if it is white mold or salt deposits?

To check this white powdery mold or white fuzzy mold just add a little water. If it is a salt deposit it should dissolve and go away. If it doesn't go away or dissolve up then you could actually have a mold problem.

However, it still could be something else and the next step should be calling a professional to have a mold testing done. Warning: do not have a free mold test done. It costs money to have lab work done and the companies that are offered free mold testing could actually be a scam. Have a mold test done is not that expensive so use a professional and ask them to actually show you the lab results. Do not just take their word on that, actually look at the report.

If you do have white fuzzy mold in basement and it is mold. Now you can get free estimates that have the job done correctly to remove that white fuzzy mold in basement.

If you want it remove the fuzzy white mold your self than here's some tips to help you do so.

If you actually have white fuzzy mold on concrete. Then the first thing you'll need to do is set up a containment area. This will be done so you don't spread the mold throughout the house while you're removing the fuzzy white mold in basement. You're gonna want to hang plastic sheeting from the ceiling to the floor and make a doorway for you to enter and exit. You're also gonna need proper mold removal products as far as safety gear. You'll need disposable coveralls, eye protection, respirator, gloves and so on.

Now as far cleaning solutions go to clean the white furry mold or white fluffy mold on concrete. There are many mold cleaning solutions you can use. White vinegar and water can kill white fluffy mold and bleach and water mixture can kill white furry mold and there are many other solutions you can use to kill your white mold problem.