White Mold in Attic - White Mold Removal

White Mold in Attic

It is very common to have White mold in the attic. White attic mold can grow in several different places. White mold in attic can grow on your insulation on the wood rafters it can grow underneath your insulation as well. Attic white mold just needs a source of moisture to grow and cause mold and mildew problems in your home.

Understanding were the moisture problems could be coming from the is important for white mold removal. If you do not correct the cause of why you're getting white mold growth it will just keep returning over and over again.

So, what can cause moisture in the attic?

I will list of 4 top reasons for moisture problems in the attic other than roof leaks for white mold growth.

Bathroom exhaust fans not installed properly. I've seen many times where the exhaust vent does not exit through the roof instead person that installed it took a shortcut and left a venting directly into the attic. That means every time somebody takes a shower and turns on that exhaust fan all that hot moist air gets dumped into the attic and collects as condensation on the wood rafters, insulation, duct work, and water pipes. I've also seen attic vent pipes not hooked up and have been covered up by insulation. This is turned the insulating around that pipe and a soggy wet moldy environment.

Central air plug condensate lines are a huge problem for white water mold in the attic. Plugged condensation lines can dump about 1 gallon of water every hour during the summer months into your attic and cause white mold in attic. This can also cause white mold growth in your ducts in your ventilation system. This is due to the water rising above the primary condensation pan then overflowing into the duct work. When you have white mold growing in your duct work this can cause it to be spread throughout the home every time the central air system is turned on. This can give you a strong moldy and mildew smell throughout the house.

UN-insulated or improperly insulated water pipes can cause white mold attic. If your water pipes are improperly insulated or if they're not insulated of all then every time you turn your cold water on condensation collects on the pipes and drips into the attic. This can also cause mold growth in your walls as water will collects wherever the water pipe goes.

In older homes the central air duct work might be UN-insulated and could be bare metal. These ducts were not made for air conditioning so when central air conditioning was added to these homes the old ventilation ducts collect huge amount of condensation during the summer months. This will cause the condensation to drip into the attic and soak the insulation.

If you have white mold in attic is very important you take care of the cause before you do white mold removal. If you tried to remove the mold first and you do not correct the moisture problem you will spread white mold spores throughout the attic and make this problem a lot worse.