Best Mold Removal Products

Best Mold Removal Products

If you gonna do white mold removal yourself your need some mold removal products equipment, safety gear.

Without having the proper mold removal products you run the risk of spreading the mold throughout the house making the problem a lot worse so it's a very important to do the job right. Plus you could even make yourself sick or others in the family sick if you do not wear the correct mold removal safety gear!

So, what are the best mold removal products will you need?
Safety gear
  • Goggles - Goggles are very important when doing mold removal. so you don't get the mold spores in your eyes can cause severe allergy problems.
  • Coveralls - make sure you get yourself some disposal coveralls. Disposable coveralls can be bought your local

    hardware store. There cheap and are made for you to throw away when you leave the containment area. This will keep you from spreading the white mold throughout the house.
  • Respirator - Your gonna need a respirator that will cover at least your nose and your mouth and N-95 quality. The best mold removal product as far as respirator, will be a full face mask which includes eye protection nose and mouth.
  • Gloves - Disposable gloves are very important while doing white mold removal in basement, or white mold removal in attic, or even white mold in crawl space. Disposable gloves will protect your hands from the chemicals or mold clean solutions your gonna be using to clean the mold and from getting the mold spores on your skin.
  • Shoe covers - Disposable shoe covers are just like the coveralls they are meant to be disposed of as you leave the containment area. Again this is to ensure you don't track mold spores throughout the house.
Mold removal products
  • Plastic sheeting - If the area of the job is larger than 3 foot by 3 foot. Than you're gonna have to set

    up a containment area to keep the mold spores from spreading throughout the house while you do the job. You'll hang the sheeting from the ceiling to the floor and create yourself a doorway. They do make plastic zipper doorways for these type of jobs.
  • Dehumidifier - Once you seal off the room Your gonna need to dry the area thoroughly. This may take several days but it needs to be done before you start cleaning.
  • Mold remover products - Equipment you will need to do the job right.
  • Two 5 gallon buckets - One for your mold cleaning solution one for your rinse.
  • sponges and scrub pads
  • shop vacuum with Hepa filter - You'll need your shop vac for cleanup.
  • Plastic bags - You'll need a bag all materials remove from the job and seal the bags before you take them out of the containment area.