White Mold In Basement

White Mold In Basement

White Mold In Basement is a very common problem, basements are a perfect breading ground for mold. If left alone with the right conditions it could get out of control and take over the house. Also, if you have a small problem and you don't remove it the right
way you could spread your white mold throughout the house and make it worse.

Just because you see something that looks like white mold in the basement does not mean its mold at all.

For example: This white furry substance may not be mold at all. If this is on concrete, or cinder block it is called effervescence. It presents itself as a furry looking growth, but when brushed, it turns to a chalky power, and is caused by moisture. The best way I can describe how it occurs is like this. Think of your concrete, or cinder block as a sponge, although it is solid, it is filled with millions of air bubbles. Over time, moisture will find its way to the surface and evaporate. Even if you don’t have a real water leak, water vapor will penetrate through the wall, or floor, and evaporate. When this occurs, all of the minerals and salts are left behind on the surface, in the form of effervescence.

If you see white mold growing on wood or other places you need to make sure you deal with this mold problem the right way. Even though white mold is not normally toxic you still need to wear the proper safety gear. You will also need to take proper precautions to make sure you keep it from spreading throughout the house.

White Mold In Basement - Be Careful when dealing with mold.If you decide to try and tackle the problem yourself there are a few things you want to do.

You will want to protect yourself from the mold spores and you will need to protect the rest of your house to keep from spreading the problem through out the house. You will need throw away coveralls,booties,gloves,goggles and a face mask so you don't breath in the mold. If you have a ventilation system in your basement you will need to shut that off and shut off the gas and then take plastic and cover all of your vents to keep it from getting in the ventilation system.

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