How to Kill White Mold on Wood

How to Kill White Mold on Wood

Knowing how to kill white mold on wood the right way will save you a lot of time and money. White mold can grow just about any place in the home. Even though it is less dangerous compared to other molds. It can still cause allergic
reactions and heath problems. So if you see white mold on wood then you need to kill it off and remove it properly so you don't spread it and make the problem worse.

However, you still need to wear proper safety equipment, at a minimum you need to wear a N-95 respirator that covers the nose and mouth the best one will cover your whole face mouth, nose, and eyes. If you use the one that covers the nose and mouth make sure you also wear safety goggles. You will also need rubber gloves these can be the disposable type. If you have a large or medium area to clean then go ahead and get some disposable paper overalls so you can protect your clothing and skin and keep it from being tracked all throughout the house. Most if not all if this equipment can be purchased at the local hardware store.

If you have white mold on furniture then you could carry the furniture outside and clean it without having to seal off the room or run the risk of spreading mold spores throughout the house. However, if you have a large area like white mold in basement floor joist like in the picture about then you will need to set up a containment area so you don't spread the white mold spores and make the problem worse.

How to Kill White Mold On Wood:

There are several Mold Cleaning Solutions you can mix up to kill white mold on wood. I will list them here Mold Cleaning Solutions and you will have to decide the one that will work best for your project. These solutions work great on cleaning and killing mold in a small area.

How to Kill White Mold On Wood Instructions

Before you start make sure you wear all the proper safety gear.
  1. Use a vacuum that has a HEPA filter and a soft brush attachment to clean off any loose surface mold. Do not use a regular vacuum because you will most-likely spread the mold spores throughout the house.A vacuum with a HEPA filter will capture that mold spores.
  2. Use the Mold cleaning solution that you picked and follow the cleaning instructions for that solution.
  3. After your done cleaning the mold then use an anti-bacteria spry to kill off any mold spores you might have missed.
  4. Let completely dry, if you live in a humid area you might need to get a dehumidifier to help dry the area.