Is White Mold Dangerous - White Mold Health Risks

Is White Mold Dangerous

How is white mold dangerous?

Have you ever walked into a home and within minutes your head is plugged up you have sinus problems and you may even have a sinus headache. This is very common when there's mold in the home.

So, is white mold dangerous?
To answer this question I would have to say yes because it can cause serious health issues.

Is white mold toxic?

Most of the white mold in the basement or in the attic or any other place in the home is not gonna be toxic. However, white mold does not need to be toxic to cause serious health issues.

White mold health risks:

There are several white mold health risks that you need to be aware of. Some of those white mold health risk are flu like symptoms, runny nose, eye irritations, rashes, coughing, congestion, aggravated asthma, and infections. So again, is white mold dangerous? I would have to say it is and if you have a white mold problem in your home it would be wise to get it taken care of right away.

Now if you're healthy individual and you normally don't have mold allergies then you may not be affected by this. However, some healthy people that are around white mold in the home can actually weaken their immune system and can be at risk later in life too white mold symptoms.

If you have asthma or you have children in the home with asthma, having a white mold problem can cause serious health risks to those individuals. You may not even know where the white mold problem is coming from. If this is the case you might wanna call a professional to have them do a mold inspection and mold testing.